Sunday, May 22, 2011

May & Moab

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last month:

Canyonlands was gorgeous! It started to rain on us, but the view was well worth it.
Mesa Arch in Canyonlands
Our view from breakfast @ Red Cliffs Lodge! It was heaven on earth.
My favorite hike was Delicate Arch. When we finally made it up to the arch both Matt and I kinda freaked and decided that having the kids up there was not our smartest parenting moment but it was BREATHTAKING!!
Seeing real Dino tracks was another highlight of the trip. The boys loved it! It was so much fun talking with them about fossils and how much we can learn/discover because of science.
Matt rocking the boys before bed. When I'm putting them down I try to settle them down, sing a song to two.....but Matty and the boys make up stories which usually ends with everyone laughing hysterically. I love these faces.....
George was playing in the backyard with Ari and it was nap time so he gave up on playing and was just laying on her. We are so lucky to have such a good baby-girl!!!
Gerdie is a hit! Both Liam and George want to hold her every minute of the day. She is handling our craziness really well.
This was the first time Gerdie got on George. As you can see he was ecstatic....she is a brave bird!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The latest & greatest

I haven't blogged in a while so here is a quick update on what we've been up to since January (not necessarily in order)!

L & G determined they make great Pirates

We've had more snow than we know what to do with.....

There has been a ton of fly tying & know L thinks he can do it on his own (and he basically can which couldn't make Matt more proud)!

G-money turned 2!!! He is still a mile-a-minute but cute as a button. The stuff he says and the faces he pulls are the BEST!

We made a trip to Cali and had some serious beach fun with Kris (or Hotchi as G call her) and Jer. We of course had to hit Disneyland with Kris, Aaron and Jer and we definitely did everything. We like as much if not more than the boys....we are already trying to figure out when to go next!

Last night the Easter Bunny came early and brought L & G a parakeet named Gerdie. The picture is of the boys holding the books we checked out at the Library earlier in the week to learn about how to take care of a parakeet if we were to ever have one.....
I found Gerdie in the KSL ads and she or he (we don't know for sure yet) is darling. The boys have wanted a bird since March and I'm a total sucker so you know how that turned out :)

Last night when Matt was telling the boys their nightly story (they take turns making up a story about an animal), Matt decided to tell them about Gerdie, a little parakeet that lived in a big tree and saw two little boys that she wanted meet.
We left the boys a note from the Easter Bunny explaining that while he was out checking his routes for Saturday night he heard Matt telling the story of Gerdie and then saw her in our tree. Anywho, they are excited to say the least.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fresh Air Escape

For those of you in UT you know how bad the air quality has been. When we woke up on Saturday morning, we knew that we had to get out of the city. We went to our usual place....Heber/Midway & it was beautiful! Blue, sunny skies (we couldn't even see the sun in SLC) & warm enough that we only needed two layers. We hiked along the Provo River for a few miles & fished along the way.

Liam and Dad going off the path to fish a secret spot. Liam (who normally refuses to hike) hiked at least 75% by himself. We were super impressed because the path was difficult.

Our 1st view of the river....G is not in the pic because he was in a backpack on my back.
George screamed & screamed until Matt took him out in the water. When we fish in the summer we usually fish areas with really shallow spots & G just stands in the water at our feet. He didn't understand why he couldn't do it this time.

Matt & Liam watching for rising fish

Starting the hike back to the car....meaning five minutes when I wasn't carrying G.

A fishing outing wouldn't be complete without an insect lesson from dad. The boys picked which rock they wanted Matt to get out of the river and Matt flipped it over & explained the difference between drake nymphs and caddis & midge larva.

We hit the Midway Ice Castles before heading home. A guy from Northern California started building these for his family in his backyard until the whole neighborhood started coming by...he's expanded the project and now for a few bucks the whole family can run around a bunch of ice caves just like the one on the planet know the planet where Luke cuts off the snowmonster's arm with his lightsaber

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our December

I can't believe December can come and gone! I forgot my camera in AZ so here are just a few things we've been up to.

#1 the Santa at Jolley's was awesome!!

#2 We spent 10 days in AZ and the weather was amazing (until the last two days) and so we spent a ton of time outside enjoying the sun! Liam LOVES peppermint ice cream & its a Steenblik past time during Christmas.
#3 Liam attends the BEST preschool ever....we were so lucky to stumble upon it! They put on the cutest Christmas program. He was a shepherd ("sheferd"as he called himself) & did a great job.
#4 We hit temple lights the week before Christmas when the weather was nice.

#5 Here is a look at Christmas morning with the Steenblik crew. We have the best time together! We all hung out, ate good food and played-played-played! Oh and my boys got everyone sick...sorry guys :)

I wish I could post some pics from my parent's house. Its absolute CHOAS with all the cousins together but so much fun. My boys love being with their cousins and there is nothing like being HOME for Christmas. I love the season and the chance to reflect on the Savior. Matt & I have been amazed at how much Liam understands about gospel lately. He decided that he needed to try to be more like Jesus after going to see the temple lights and so he and I made a chart for him and he got stickers when he did something Christ-like. What kills me was that it was his idea!! I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and the perfect example of Christ. It really is so easy to be happy...thank you Liam for reminding us!

New Years Resolutions:
-daily scripture study (even if its a verse or two before putting the boys down)
-morning prayer (not so good at this one, but so far so good!)
-liam wants to learn to swim & read
-do something everyday that is Christ-like....
-tell my family everyday that I love them like crazy!

I'm sure there are some major time to fix them G is up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This has been the BEST month ever! The weather has been amazing and we've had fun, fun & more fun. Highlights:
The Garden After Dark @ Red Butte is a MUST!!! It cost $8 for nonmembers to get in but everything else is free. The activities where based on "haunted holidays around the world." Some of our favorites were the Chinese Lanterns, Maze, Mexican Masks & glow-n-the-dark spook alley. There was face & pumpkin painting and tons more! Check out the link above for all the details!
I didn't get many pics because of the dark, but this is where the kids got to make their own lanterns, make a wish and put them into the pond.

Picking pumpkins, squash, corn, name it from Grandpa & Uncle Dan's garden! Now we are making jack-o-lanterns galore!

Snowbird with the Seymore/Steenblik Crew....thanks Aunt Shanny! We rode the Tram for one can of food and saw all of the beautiful leaves turning!
Watch out we've upgraded to bunk-beds.....Matt & I both got a little teary at how big our boys have gotten :)
Fall family fly fishing!! Let's be honest we will still go out in the snow for winter fishing but not as often & me being the true AZ girl that I am will HATE the cold but bare it with a half smile for the adventure :)
Lastly this is our baby girl & I finally got a pic of her and G's daily cuddle time. They are doesn't hurt that G shares all of his snacks with her! She is the sweetest pup we could ever ask for. She loves her boys sooooo much!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I don't think it is possible to eat as much salsa as we have been! We get to use the most delicious, perfectly ripe ingredients from Grandpa & Uncle Dan's garden. We pick, make salsa, eat, eat and then eat more!!! Love this time of Year!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Boy! Big Sunday

It has been a Big Sunday for us! Matt taught (which he just loves) and G stayed in sacrament for almost 40 mins (aka: a ton of work for us)! Three different times during sacrament Matt & I just looked at each other and laughed because who could have EVER
imagined us...our little family circus!!! We feel so blessed but are just amazed at the chaos that ALWAYS accompanies our two monsters.Liam was assigned the scripture in Primary and he memorized it yesterday and was just as jazzed as could be to tell everyone! After dinner & bath we took the boys (pjs and all) to the church so Liam could practice on the microphone (and I could video him). He got right up there and without thinking twice did a PERFECT job. Matt & I congratulated him and said "ok....i guess that's it." We thought he would need a little more practice but as usual he proved us wrong!
Well today didn't go quite as smooth. He got up to the microphone and asked Matt to stand by him and just looked out at everyone. Matt picked him up and our friend who is the primary chorister stood next to them and asked Liam to just look at her and tell her the scripture. He did it but when he got to his seat he was upset that he didn't say it in the microphone. Another friend of ours in the primary presidency, told Liam that he could have another turn after the talk was through. Sure enough he walked right up by himself and with the biggest smile ever talked right into the microphone and recited the scripture. It was so cute because he was so proud of himself. I am so grateful for Primary and how it gives children so many unique
opportunities to grow spiritually & emotionally. He learns something new every week. Sometimes it will be something he says in a prayer, or a question/statement while driving in the car....but its priceless and we are truly blessed because of the two hours he spends learning about our Savior and gospel.
Here is a clip of the rehearsal & some pics from today.